Watch out for this on Wednesday (and a particularly cumbersome subtitle)

By | March 19, 2015
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Well, I’ve just sent the new books I mentioned last time off to the printing company and rewarded myself with a cup of tea (not to mention the chocolate digestive). Here’s a bit more info about them (the books, that is, not the chocolate digestive…)

There are two books that go together. Like I said last time, they’re a bit like the best and worst aspects of the internet.

First, there’s “How to Save Money Online”, which I spoke a bit about before – this one has lots of tips, advice and tricks you can use to keep more of your hard earned where it belongs – in your pocket!

But the other one is called “How to stay safe and sound online”. And I have to admit the subtitle is rather cumbersome: “protect yourself from everything from viruses to scams, identity theft to bank fraud and spam email to websites you don’t want your grandkids to see”.

You see, there are so many things on the internet to watch out for. Far more than there used to be. Lots of people don’t know… and are taking risks every time they browse the web. Not to be recommended.

I’ve always tried to explain what everyone should know in order to keep themselves safe – in this newsletter for example. But there are more risks now and it’s harder to explain them in a short newsletter.

It’s not particularly hard to keep yourself safe. You just need someone to tell you how. (There’s more to it nowadays than just running anti-virus software, that’s for sure.)

Anyway, the books will be available to order on Wednesday 25th at 10am (British time). And I’ll have the full information about them all written up for then, too. Watch for an email at around 1 minute to 10am!

2 thoughts on “Watch out for this on Wednesday (and a particularly cumbersome subtitle)

  1. Pat Taylor

    Thank you Tim for the weekly newsletters , i really look forward to them and the tips are great and very informative .. keep up the good work you and your staff do …. i have had quite a few of your books in the past and i am always reffering to them if i need to know anything …. thank you once again

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