What I said to Mum on the phone last night…

By | November 9, 2015
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More advice on Windows 10… and why it’s been so noisy lately.

Windows 10 – a cautious “go-ahead”
When Windows 10 came out, my advice to most people was to wait a while before getting it, to give a chance for bugs to be ironed out.

And I know quite a few people are waiting for a “go-ahead” from me before switching (My Mum included – Hi Mum!  In fact this bit of this email is almost exactly what I said to Mum on the phone last night…)

Well, this is a cautious go-ahead.

Why cautious?  Well, first of all, let me talk about if you’re thinking of buying a new PC with Windows 10 on.  If that’s your situation, I think now’s a reasonable time – the worst snags of Windows 10 have been sorted.  And at least most of the smaller issues are known and people have worked out solutions.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting a new PC with Windows 10 on, I wouldn’t feel you need to put it off – unless you want to wait for Christmas or New Year sales.  (Although I’ve just looked at the PCWorld website and they’re already running Christmas specials!)

What about if you’re waiting to install the free upgrade instead?  Well, that’s not quite as rosy!

There are some snags that only apply if you’re doing the upgrade.  A new PC won’t have them, but if you’re upgrading you might come across them.  Not everyone will, be any means.  But you might be unlucky.  Though I know lots of people have already done the upgrade and had no problems at all.

Again, it’s much better than it was – and once it’s sorted, WIndows 10 works better than it did.  Personally, I’ve been using it on my home PC and quite like it.

The thing is, I’d like to say if you’re doing the upgrade, hang on a bit longer for them to fix these bugs.  But I’ve a sneaking suspicion that they’re concentrating on improvements to Windows 10 once you’ve got  it, rather than to the upgrade process.  So I’m not sure it’s going to change much.

And, as I say, at least some of the bugs are already sorted and others that haven’t been officially fixed are now understood and there are ways to get around them.

So if you’re thinking of doing the upgrade, now might be a good time.  Of course, there’s a good chance you’ll be one of the many lucky ones and have no problems at all.

One more thing I should add: don’t feel you have to upgrade, if you’re happy with the version of Windows you’re using.  I’m just talking here about people who want to upgrade to Windows 10, but have been putting it off.

Crash, Bang, Wallop (and a picture)
It’s been a bit noisy here at the moment.  I don’t mean Alastair and Edward playing racing cars (though that’s pretty noisy too).  I mean noisy at work.

We’ve had the builders in building a new office so Louize, Emma, Simone, Laura and Jess (our newest recruit) aren’t quite so cramped in together – when all the phones are busy it was quite distracting for them to hear all the different conversations going on, so it’ll be much nicer to have an extra room, even aside from having a bit more space!

The noise is nearly over, though as it’s just about finished, though I it’ll be a bit nicer once it’s painted and we get some carpet down (see the luxuries I let them have!)

Click to see the new office

It means we’re busy reorganising the warehouse, though, as the space this is now in previously had lots of books and videos in, so we’ve had to move everything about a bit.  We’re trying to get everything organised in just the right way to make it as quick and easy as possible to pack all the orders and get them in the post.

Chances are we’ll find there are some older books and or videos that we might want to clear out – and might offer a special price on to clear them.  Watch this space…

In the meantime we need to choose a paint colour.  Alastair suggested black, so I don’t think I’m going to let him choose…

8 thoughts on “What I said to Mum on the phone last night…

  1. Angela Bates

    I don’t care for Windows 10, and having put it on for free just as it came out, I now find I can’t revert to Windows 8!

    Windows 10 means that I have screen fade out after a few minutes, and I have no idea how to deal with this. It drives me mad if I go off to do a bit of cooking or ironing and then come back to the computer and have to restart it to be able to read the screen! Any tips?

    1. Terrie

      hi Angela,
      I downloaded the “free” windows 10 and was not impressed, I found it slow in comparison to Windows 8,
      I managed to get back to windows 8 as follows.
      Open start menu
      go to settings

  2. Charles Powell

    I have heard the rumour that eventually Microsoft will force the change by doing an update to Win 7 or 8 (or 8.1) which will be updating everything to Win 10.

  3. Frances Birtchnell

    I’m quite happy with Windows 7. However I’ve found that the right hand side of Tim’s email is cutting off.
    Family emails seem to be fine.
    I’ve also had trouble with Microsoft trying to repair and then not being able to repair for the first time , which makes me suspicious, i.e are they doing it on purpose?

  4. Terrie

    to revert to windows 8.
    open start menu
    go to settings
    click on update and security icon
    select recovery
    should see “go back to Windows 8”
    click “get started button”
    good luck

  5. william Kemp

    I am happy with windows 10, but like Francis Birtchnell, the right hand side of Tim’s newsletter is cut off. It is fine when opening in browser.

  6. frank

    I’d arranged for a very reputable local firm to update my Windows 8 to Windows 10 (my competence is limited !). They were due to come today. Last night the owner phoned and told me his engineers were unexpectedly experiencing varying problems with some computers they had updated and, in some instances, had had to revert them to Windows 8 .He recommended postponing my upgrade until his men sorted out what the problems were and why they were affecting only some computers. This I’ve obviously done.
    For your information.

  7. Tim Post author

    Hmm – it’s odd that this one seemed to go out wider than they normally do – I didn’t think I’d done anything different…
    Can I check is it just this particular one that was too wide – they’re normally OK?

    I wonder actually if it was the photo – the first time I paced it it was far too big and then I cut it down, maybe it remembered the too-big one.

    With any luck, this coming week’s issue will be fine!


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