Watch this space on Monday…

By | February 17, 2016
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Phew – I said as long as nothing major went wrong on these new tablet videos (for iPads and Android tablets) then I’d be able to announce when they’re going to be available.

Well, we had a few minor snags along the way but nothing really major went wrong and so they’ll be available to order from midday (UK time) on Monday 22nd February.

Watch out for an email from me at midday (or a minute or two before) with more information…  In the meantime I’ve a few last finishing touches to sort out.

7 thoughts on “Watch this space on Monday…

  1. Wendy Carter

    How good of you to keep me in the loop. I have recently acquired an iPad with seemingly a life of its own! Am quite terrified of it! It decided that I didn’t need an inbox so removed it for me without my permission! Don’t know what most of the little signs are that keep popping up and haven’t dared buy anything as I’m not sure if my iPad would allow me to! My password is ‘I hate my iPad.’ I’ve only got the thing because it seems to be a necessary evil! Over and out

    1. Tim Post author

      I’d agree with Arthur – keep at it! Sometimes these things suddenly click into place and become easier once you’ve used it for a while.
      I must admit, though, I know of at least one other person who has a password for a Windows 8 computer that includes rude comments about Microsoft…

  2. Arthur Jessop

    Wendy, Please stick with it. I know the temptation is to throw it in the wheelie bin, a month ago I felt the same way. then I sent off to The Helpful Book Company and bought Tim’s book; Tablets . One Step at a Time. It does exactly what it says on the jacket.


  3. Pam

    I am on my 2nd IPad as I wanted more memory so bought a new one this week. It’s somewhat different from the last one but I spend time on it every day and find new things. I am 73 and am still learning.
    Don’t give up. It’s good to try new things.
    Best of luck

    1. Sybil

      I am a lady of eighty four just love technology.Bring it on!

  4. Frank Jones

    I have two tablets one was the very first tablet from apple (can’t even find a cover it’s that old and a newer one bought from QVC an(acer espire with windows10 free addon )I am 79years young and still trying to catchup.


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