What made us do it?

By | June 26, 2019
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So why did we create this course – Tablets Made Simple?

After all, it took us a long time, fine-tuning everything to make it as easy as possible for you – there must have been a good reason!

Well, I know lots of people find their tablet can be awkward at times.  And lots of people don’t know about some of the little things in it that would make using it easier… or don’t know about things they can do with their tablet that they’d be glad of.

And I think it’s really frustrating when you can’t get the most out of your tablet.  After all, you’ve got this expensive device and might be missing out on some of the things you would want it to do for you – if only you knew how.  Or you might be simply getting annoyed and frustrated (or even maddened!) when you use it!

So I want to show you exactly what to do – to show you how easy it can be once you know how it works… once someone’s shown you exactly where to tap the screen or exactly how to slide your finger on it or whatever.

But I can’t come round to everyone’s house and sit down together with a cuppa (much as I’d appreciate all the tea!)

So I wanted us to be able to do something where we can explain the point of things as if we were there, in person.  So there are videos where we (Julie mainly) talk, explaining how things work or what the point of them is.

Then, probably the most important bit: there are videos where one of us shows you, on the tablet screen, exactly how to do it, so you can watch as we demonstrate and as we point out which bits of the screen to look at and talk you through exactly what we’re doing.

I think that makes it as quick and easy as possible for you to get to grips with your tablet and to learn the bits you didn’t know how to do.  It makes it simpler for you than any other way.

Not to mention the other parts we’ve included – the bits of writing that help make it clearer, the quick simple questions that help make sure you’ll remember it later on and the way it helps you to practice what you’ve learnt, to make it stick!

That’s why I wanted us to make this course.  I’ve actually used courses a bit like this myself – and found they’re about the best way of getting something to actually stick. It’s better than an actual course or evening class because you can go at the speed that’s right for you… and you can go back over any bits that you struggled with as many times as you like.  It’s just less effort for you!

That should take away the frustration and make using your tablet so much easier – and let you use it for things you simply don’t know about how to do at the moment.

The full info is here – and that’s where you can join up if you want to.

Oh, and that information also explains about the bonus course – free to everyone who signs up – what it covers and so on.

Anyway, full info here.  Why not have a look and, if it sounds interesting, sign up.  

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