What readers say – and what I’ve been up to…

By | June 10, 2019
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An email of snippets today – I’ve got several short things to say instead of one longer one.

First of all, a couple of emails I’ve had from readers that you might find useful.

First, one about Google translate, that I wrote about last time:

“Can I give you a tip?  Google Translate can use the camera too, which saves typing the words in yourself.  Especially useful in a country with a different alphabet e.g. Greece…”

A handy tip – and as Nick says, especially if you’re somewhere with a different alphabet that makes it harder to type it in – thanks Nick!

Second, one about what I wrote about the week before – the way I set up a separate account with Amazon for buying presents:

“Hello Tim,  I’m probably not the first one with is question, but have you not heard of the Amazon Household feature of your Amazon Prime account?  This allows family and friends to use many of the Prime benefits including free next -day delivery via their own Amazon account. My wife and I find it very useful and it avoids any of the ‘secrecy’ problems that you mention as it sends email confirmations, delivery progress etc. to the buyer’s email account.Kind regards,John”

It’s another good tip.  I haven’t used the Household feature because I started using a separate account back before they came up with this feature – and even though the household feature is a good way of doing it I’ve never bother to set it up!  It’s well worth knowing about those – thanks John!

What I’ve been up to lately – something you might find interesting

As you probably know, I’ve written books about using various devices and gadgets – phones, tablets, PCs. Some of you might know that in the past I’ve also recorded videos explaining how to use these devices.

And last year, we even brought out an online course about using Windows 10 – it was more popular than we expected… but only any use if you use Windows 10, whether on a desktop PC or a laptop.

Lots of people use a tablet instead – whether it’s one of Apple’s iPads or one of the different Android based tablets – like the ones from Samsung, Acer, Huawei or Lenovo.

So lately I’ve been working on something new specifically for people with tablets.  It’s something I simply couldn’t have done until recently, but I think could well be really helpful.

Anyway, I’m still in the thick of it and don’t want to give too much away just yet, but if you use a tablet, you might find it interesting, so watch out for my emails over the next few weeks.

One thought on “What readers say – and what I’ve been up to…

  1. Tony Richardson

    A Tip for anyone who uses notebooks on a regular basis, & might want an easy way to transfer those notes to a Computer etc; to store them. Amazon sells, ‘Rocket Books,’ in which you can write notes, then, via an App on the pages, yes, really, you can send the notes to your Computer, device etc: Also, depending on which ‘Rocket Book’ you purchase, you can ‘wipe’ the notes off the pages, & start again, making the Book reusable, an everlasting notebook, amazing! Not cheap to buy, but, could help save Trees!


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