Why do you have to click a link to get the email newsletter?

I know – it seems a bit silly. After all, you’ve already typed in your email address. You wouldn’t do that if you didn’t want the newsletter, would you.

But the rules say we have to get confirmation. Otherwise, someone else could have put your email address in – either by mistake (eg if yours is [email protected] and theirs is [email protected] – and they put the wrong one in) or as a prank.

It doesn’t happen very often – but it does happen. And even if someone else puts your email address in, only YOU can click the link, because it goes to your email address.

The idea is also that it stops unscrupulous people who send spam (junk email) from just adding all the email addresses they can think of. Of course, dodgy people tend to ignore the rules – but honest folk like us have to play by them.

Anyway, that’s why you have to click the link. If you have trouble, you can also copy it into your web browser’s address bar and press enter. Or reply to the email, making sure the link stays in the reply, and let us know you’re having trouble with it.

The good news is, once it’s done, that’s it done for good. And you’ll get the helpful newsletter, every Monday morning – bursting with useful and interesting tips and advice. So it’s worth the click!


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