Why my desk’s a bit tidier today

By | May 18, 2015
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Well, I’m glad to say Edward’s much better again after his tummy bug. Thanks to everyone who commented to say they hoped he got better soon! He’s back to his normal full-of-energy self again, busy wearing us out…

Anyway, I suppose I should tell you about some computer-y things as well…

If you have a desktop PC, do you hunch over to look at the screen?
One of the things I’ve always been keen on at work is making sure everyone’s computer set-up is just right for them. I’ve known too many people affected by RSI.

It’s less likely you’ll get RSI using a PC at home, as you don’t tend to use it as intensely. But still, it makes sense to make sure it’s set up so using it will leave you feeling comfortable.

One of the problems I have using some PCs is that I’m quite tall. The top of the monitor should be roughly around the level of your eyes, and for me, it’s generally quite a bit lower. I usually resort to putting the monitor on a stack of books, but it takes up a lot of desk space, isn’t very easy to adjust and looks pretty scruffy!

So I’ve recently got an adjustable monitor stand. You can get ones that are like the stand on a normal monitor, but slide up and down. But I’ve gone for one that clamps on the edge of the desk, then you can move the monitor up and down and also move it forwards and backwards on an arm that it’s mounted on.

It’s made it much more comfortable for me at work – much better on my back. (Plus my desk’s a bit tidier without the pile of books.)

Something to think about if you ever find you’ve got aches and pains after using your PC.

(By the way, even if you have a laptop, if you use it for a long amount of time it can be worth plugging in a separate mouse and maybe keyboard – much more comfy)

Windows 10 – one version isn’t enough for Microsoft
We still don’t have a definite date for when Windows 10 will be out. But then, even after Microsoft announce it, I still won’t be 100% convinced it’s absolutely definite, based on previous experiences…

But it’s likely to be around the end of July. And Microsoft have now announced the different versions of Windows 10 that’ll be coming out.

It’s fairly straightforward. Leaving aside versions for mobile phones and gaming machines, the version you’re likely to have on a home PC is just called Windows 10 Home. Makes sense.

And at work you might have Windows 10 Pro (more designed for small businesses or freelancers) or Windows 10 Enterprise (for big corporations). The way all three work is much the same but there are some differences in how they deal with networks of more than one PC. After all, at home you probably only have one or maybe two PCs. But a big corporation might have hundreds or even thousands, all networked together.

Tablet Help is at Hand
Don’t forget to watch out for an email at midday (UK time) today, Monday.

The brand new, hot off the press book solves the niggling problems that can come up on iPads, Nexuses, Kindle Fires and other Android tablets.

It takes a lot of the frustration out of using one.

Anyway, full information at midday – I’d better go and makes sure everything’s ready!

6 thoughts on “Why my desk’s a bit tidier today

  1. Bryan

    Another interesting article, Tim, and particularly useful in this instance as I find that I tend to bend over the keyboard, which is set lower on the desk. I tried a wireless keyboard set a little higher but it didn’t seem to help, so placed back in the box on the ‘computer’ shelf’!

    I was most interested to read from your recent Newsletter that I may be able to update to Windows 10, hopefully a less complicated product!

    Best wishes and congratulations to you all for the help which you offer to all those of us who learn the interesting tips from your publications.

    I only wish I knew the meanings and purposes of the phrases ‘Tag’ and ‘HTML’.

    1. Tim Post author

      Ah – it is giving you the option to include html tags when you leave a comment? I had stopped it displaying that in case it was confusing, but I suspect when the software updates, it’s put it back. You can use html tags to tell it to put certain bits of what you type in bold, italics or so on. For example if I put <B> then it will put the next lot of text in bold, until I put </B>
      But you can safely ignore it!

  2. Trevor

    It would be interesting to know the ages of people who prefer their monitor high up on eye level. Those of us who wear bifocals or varifocals get neck ache from raising the chin to focus on a high screen. I have my screen as low as posssible – set into a cutout at the back of the desk. I and my friends of a similar age find this much more comfortable.

    1. Tim Post author

      Good point – I didn’t think about the effect of bifocals (I should have done as my Dad uses them… or actually varifocals now). But then you really wouldn’t want the monitor too high or you’d get a really sore neck.
      With bifocals a lower monitor makes much more sense – you want the head pretty much looking straight ahead, so you’d need the monitor quite low on the desk.

  3. Arthur McParland

    Hello Tim Although I have had a computer for 5 years I am still a novice on a lot of it,I only use it a couple of hours 3 or 4 times a week. 12 months ago I changed from a laptop to a desktop,which is Windows 7 Home Premium,my laptop is Vista which I still have and use.With all the controversy about when Windows 7 will be dropped and the new Windows 10 coming and also free for the first 12 months I am very interested in it.Now I come to my problem,if i do decide to take Windows 10 how do I transfer all the stuff that I have on 7 to the new 10 as I would like to keep it all which is not all that great.I was 90 last month but I am an optimistic chap and am in pretty good health and I would like to continue to do what I like on the computer. Thank You Tim and hope you can help.

    1. Tim Post author

      There are basically two options – stick with Windows 7 for a while (I use it in the office still and don’t plan to stop using it for a while yet). It will eventually stop being supported by Microsoft but not for a couple of years yet.
      Or take the free uprgrade to Windows 10 – I’m 90% sure there’ll be a way to do this without taking your files, photos or whatever off the computer – but I can’t be certain until they actually bring out the upgrade package. But when they do, I’ll cover in the newsletter exactly how to use it and what you have to do… watch this space.


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