More about LastPass

By | March 1, 2021

Well, after last week’s email about changes to LastPass, we’ve had lots of people contact us wanting to know more about how password managers work.  So I thought this time I’d answer a few of the common questions people have been asking me – largely about how you’d actually go about getting and using one.… Read More »

Coping with loneliness

By | February 15, 2021

Hello This week I wanted to talk to you all about something that’s not exactly tech-related, but I think is really important.  Loneliness. Loneliness can be a difficult emotion to cope with – and while we’re all locked away, it’s one that more of us are having to deal with.  And it’s important to get… Read More »


By | February 8, 2021

Today, I want to talk a bit about chips.  Not the tasty fried-potato foodstuff (mmm… chips), but the rather more techy silicon variety – microchips. Now, you probably already realise that microchips are everywhere these days – not just in PCs, tablet and phones, but in TVs, washing machines, your central heating system, your car… Read More »