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A bit of fun for the Olympics

By | July 26, 2021

This morning, I turned on my computer, opened Google Chrome to start work, and… erm… got distracted.  I made the mistake (given that I had work to do) of clicking on the Google Doodle – and found myself in the Champion Island Games. In honour of the Olympics in Japan, Google (and a Japanese animation… Read More »

Do you Pay As You Go?

By | July 19, 2021

This week’s email is for those of you who have (or would like to have) a mobile phone on a “Pay As You Go” tariff.  That means rather than paying a monthly bill for your phone, you buy “credit” in advance and use it as and when you need it. If you only use your… Read More »

Fancy virtual advertising in sport

By | July 12, 2021

Just a short one today – the boys are both home-schooling this week, so I’m busy hopping about a bit. So I thought I’d share a random cool bit of technology with you.  If you’ve been watching the football over the last few weeks, you’ll have seen it in action, actually – although you might… Read More »

How to choose a case

By | July 5, 2021

With things opening up again after lock-down, it’s been great to start seeing more of the family again.  We had a visit from my husband’s mum and dad the other week, and it was lovely – sitting out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.  (They’re probably reading this email actually – hi both!) Anyway, along… Read More »