A new login from where?!

By | August 28, 2023

Julie here.

Before we get into today’s main topic (courtesy of the lovely Kathryn), I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s sent messages after my announcement last week.  I’ve had so many people writing in to wish me and the boys the best – it’s been really lovely to read (and pretty emotional, if I’m honest!).  Thank you, everyone.

Anyway, this is our first joint email before Kathryn takes over fully in September – and we’ve got two topics to cover for you today.  So without further ado – it’s over to Kathryn…

A new login from where?!
The other day, I had a bit of a panic that I’d been hacked, because I had a security alert email telling me that there was a “New login to Facebook at 12:34pm from Manchester, was this you?”.  Which was a bit alarming, since I live a good 2 hours away from there!

Now, I have bought a new phone recently, and I had to log into all of my accounts and apps when I was setting it up.  So of course, it was me logging in, but I hadn’t been in Manchester, or London, or any of the other locations it had suggested at various times.

This is because these emails can only give an “approximate location” of where the new login took place, which can end up being miles and miles away.  So if you ever get a “New sign-in” email with quite a random location on it, don’t panic straight away – have a think and check if you’ve logged in on a new device recently.  And if you share the account with anyone, make sure you check with them too before you change your password.

While we’re talking about sharing accounts…
Netflix, the TV streaming service, has started cracking down on people sharing accounts across different households.  It used to be that you could pay for a certain number of “screens” to be watching different shows or films at the same time, so it was common for families to share one account between them.

From now on, if you want to share your Netflix account with someone who doesn’t live in your house, you’ll need to pay for their Standard package for £10.99 a month, AND pay Netflix an extra £4.99 per month for the extra person. Blimey! I think that’s a pretty steep jump from the £6.99 a month that it used to cost.

Then again, if the extra person would rather set up their own account, the regular Netflix package (without adverts) would cost them £10.99 a month, or they could get the cheapest version (with adverts) for £4.99 a month.  So the numbers aren’t too different in the end – it just depends if you can stand sitting through the adverts or not!

Right, that’s it from us for this week.  Kathryn will be back next week (with me looking over her shoulder and back-seat driving – sorry Kathryn!).

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