Calming myself down – and tablets and PCs…

By | April 5, 2017
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I first realised I was getting a bit too het up when I caught myself shaking my phone about as I cursed at it.

I’d picked it up to do something I’ve done dozens of times before. Only this time it didn’t do what it’s supposed to. At all.

Which is what left me frustrated.


And ready to chuck the thing out of the nearest window…

Has anything like that ever happened to you? Whether it wouldn’t work at all, didn’t work quite as you expected or simply took an age to do what you wanted? If it has, you probably know how I felt. If it hasn’t, well, let’s just say you’ve been very lucky!

The thing is, I was being daft. I know how to fix these sorts of problems! I was just annoyed that it had gone wrong when I wanted to use it.

So I calmed myself down and went through the process that I knew would sort it out – and it did. Problem solved.

What about you? If something like that happens to you, are you able to calm yourself down and say “Never mind, I know how to fix problems on smartphones”?

If so, hurrah! (Though if you’re a techno-whizz I wonder why you read my emails – you’re still welcome to them, of course, but I’d have thought they were more interesting to people who weren’t experts. It must be for my sparkling wit… or something.)

But if not, if you don’t know what all the settings do and how to put it right when it goes wrong, you should look at Smartphones Help is at Hand.

Because then you will know what to do – simply look in the contents page, turn to the relevant page and follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

And then, like me, you’ll be able to calm yourself and simply solve the problem in a few moments.

You can read more about them (and if you like, order a set on a free trial) here.
Tim Wakeling

I’ve had a couple of people say “Tim, that sounds really helpful, but I don’t have a smartphone, I only have a tablet. I still have similar problems with it, though.” Or have said something similar about laptops.

Well, last year I brought out similar books for tablets – called Tablet Help is at Hand. Read more about them here. Or the equivalent for PCs or laptops here.

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