“murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery and treachery” they said

By | October 1, 2018
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Have you ever watched Chicago – the musical? You should, even if you’re not normally into musicals. Aside from the catchy songs, it’s got a good story and it’s wittily done.

Anyway, one day at dinner Julie and I ended up mentioning it when the boys asked about gangsters and Al Capone. And of course, the boys wanted to watch it.

Well, not all of it is really suitable for a 6 year old, (the intro line is “You are about to see a story of murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery and treachery. All the things we hold near and dear to our hearts.” which always gets a chuckle) but I didn’t mind them hearing some of the songs… only they wanted to see it as well as hear it.

Which is where the internet and YouTube stepped in. A quick search later and we were happily sat together watching “We both reached for the gun”, complete with the journalists as puppets.

Anyway, my point isn’t really to say you should go and watch “We both reached for the gun” on YouTube (though you could) but if ever you’re thinking “How did so and so go” or “What was that bit from such and such a film” or even “Was the line really ‘Play it again Sam’?” you can find all sorts of clips from TV and films on YouTube. Not usually the whole film (you’d have to pay for that), but the clip you’re after might be there – just have a quick search and see.

iPads and iPhones


That’s roughly how many of our customers who have a tablet have one made by Apple – an iPad.

The other 52% are made up of all the other makes: Samsung, Acer, Asus, Amazon, Huawei, Archos, Lenovo, and so on… So nearly as many people have an Apple one as all the other makes put together.

Some people have more than one, of course… and some couples have one each.

It’s amazing, though, that Apple are so far ahead – despite being far from the cheapest.

That’s not even including how many people have an Apple iPhone (as opposed to one made by Samsung, Nokia or the rest).

Anyway, those 48% will be affected by the latest update to the new version of iOS – that’s what actually runs the tablet (or phone) and makes it work.

This new version (12) has been out for a couple of weeks now and if you haven’t already got it (and you have an iPad or iPhone), chances are you will in the next week or two.

It’s not the biggest update they’ve ever made, but it does change a few bits – changing how they work or how you use them a little.

Anyway, as you’d expect we’ve been hard at work updating our books so they match and we now have the new editions, fully updated for this new version (they still cover the older ones, too, just in case).

We’ve updated both iPhones One Step at a Time and iPads One Step at a Time.

If you’ve got an Apple iPhone or iPad and you could do with some more help with it, that makes now the perfect time to see if these books could help. If you haven’t seen any of my “One Step at a Time” books before, they cover exactly how to use the iPad or iPhone in plain simple language… and unlike most techies, I don’t assume you already know it all!

They have pictures of the screen to show you exactly what to do – where to tap on the screen and so on.

On the other hand, if you have an Android based phone or tablet (eg from Samsung, Acer, Asus or most other manufacturers), I’ve also written books about those – again, with everything explained nice and simply. These haven’t just been updated but I wanted to mention them in case you’re reading this thinking “That’s all very well, but my tablet or phone isn’t from Apple, it’s an Android one.”

There are also Get More from Your Smartphone and Get More from Your Tablet. They’re not so much about how to use your phone to do the very basic things. They show you umpteen different apps that you can download (free) to do all sorts of things from entertainment to scanning documents to sat-navs to… well, probably more than you could think of. Still explained nice and simply, though.

Anyway, if you have an iPhone or iPad (or an Android tablet or phone) and you’re thinking “You know, I could do with some help with it” or even “That dratted thing makes me tear my hair out and want to chuck it out of the nearest window” then you might want to get hold of the books.

You can either call us on 01229 777606 or get them here at this order page (no credit card details needed).

Either way, you don’t have to pay until you’ve got the books and are happy with them.

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