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By | June 17, 2019
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As promised, this time I’ve got a bit more info on what I’ve been working on lately.

But first, I wanted to mention a few more handy things you can do with Google, after I talked about its translator the other time.

There are a few features where you can just type a word into the search box and it’ll bring them straight up – whether you’re on a phone, tablet or PC and without you having to set up a particular app.

One of the simplest is the calculator – you can type the word “calculator” into Google or simply type in a sum and it’ll bring it up – you can then type whatever sum you like into it.

Or just type the word weather to get a forecast for the area it thinks you’re in.

Another handy one is that you can type in timer or stopwatch and it’ll bring up (go on, guess…) a timer or stopwatch.  You can choose how long you want the timer to run for and whether you want it to sound an alarm at the end of the time (as long as you have sound on the device you’re using).  Handy if you want to time something in cooking… and the stopwatch is handy when my two little boys ask me to time them running various races!

There’s also a metronome for any musicians reading and you can type in “roll a die” or “flip a coin” if you want it to randomly decide something for you!

Oh, and possibly my favourite of these things is you can type in “I’m feeling curious” to get a random interesting question and its answer.

Tablets Made Simple…

I mentioned the other day that I’d been working on something new that you might find interesting if you use a tablet (whether it’s an iPad or an Android one).

You see, as you probably know, I’ve written books about tablets that thousands of people have told me really helped.

In the past I’ve also recorded videos on DVD that explain it all as well, where I’ve shown you exactly how to do things – showing you on my tablet exactly how to do it.

The thing is, both ways have their advantages – and I’ve always found it frustrating that I can’t somehow combine both into one thing.

Except, now, I have – or done something very similar.

It’s called Tablets Made Simple… and how to get the most out of them and I think it’ll make using your tablet a doddle.  It really does combine the advantages of reading a book and watching videos – watching things demonstrated.  It’s the next best thing to me coming round to your house to show you and help you with your tablet!

Now, I haven’t quite finished it all – there are still a few odd bits and pieces to do.  But it should all be finished in a day or so…

…and on Wednesday, 19th June, at 10am, I’ll be revealing it to the world (well, maybe the whole world won’t be interested – but the parts of it that wish tablets were a bit easier and simpler should be!)

You’ll find out the full details about how it works, who it’s suitable for (and who it’s not suitable for), what it covers and so on. (And when it’s available until.)

So watch out for an email from me at 10am (UK time) on Wednesday.


PS last year I did something very similar for Windows 10 – and it was really popular, getting lots of very kind comments from people who’d used it.  So if you ever struggle with your tablet, keep an eye out for my email on Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Some handy tricks from Google

  1. JohnClark

    Please send me a copy of Tim’s book on the IPad thankyou
    John Clark
    I will pay for it by return,thankyou

    1. Emma - The Helpful Book Company

      Good morning John,
      Of course, I’d be happy to send you a copy of one of our books to help with your iPad.
      Would you mind giving me a call on 01229 777606 so that I can take your delivery details and confirm the order with you?
      Kind regards


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