A bit of fun for the Olympics

By | July 26, 2021
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This morning, I turned on my computer, opened Google Chrome to start work, and… erm… got distracted.  I made the mistake (given that I had work to do) of clicking on the Google Doodle – and found myself in the Champion Island Games.

In honour of the Olympics in Japan, Google (and a Japanese animation company called STUDIO4°C) have put together an amazing game to play in your web browser.  It’s an adventure game based on the old 16-bit computer games that were around when I was little.  You play a cat called Lucky, and your mission is to explore the island, play and win sports-based mini games against seven legendary Champions.

I’ve played Google’s doodle-games before, but this one’s so well done – honestly, I could play it for hours!

They’ve even set up a worldwide leaderboard.  When you start the game, you choose a team to play for – Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.  Then every time you play against one of the Champions, you score points for your team.  Last time I checked, the Red team were well in the lead – no thanks to me!

Anyway, if you’ve got a bit of time to spare over the next couple of weeks, why not give it a go?

Can you give Jade a hand in the warehouse?

Jade’s in charge of our warehouse, and she likes to run a tight ship.  Summer’s always a relatively quiet time here at Helpful Books (with people off on holiday) so she’s decided to have a good sort out and get the warehouse nice and tidy.  

And you might be able to help!  

We’re going to do some special clearance offers – to make a bit of space by selling the last few boxes of some books we published a little while ago.

The first two books I want to offer you are Making the Miles Fade and Meeting People Online.  We first published these a few years ago – before the word “lockdown” became part of everyday speech.

They’re about what I think is the biggest single advantage of PCs, tablets and smartphones. And that’s to help you connect with other people, be closer to the people you care about and keep in touch better with friends and family.  Whether that’s by instant message, email, social media, video calls, sharing interests on forums, joining online courses together, or… you get the picture…

And as it’s a clearance, we’re selling them at half price.

The only snag is we don’t have that many and I fully expect them all to go – possibly fairly quickly. And once they’re gone, that’s it, we won’t be printing any more.

So if you’re at all interested, you can have a look at the information I put together before (and if you’re interested, order a copy on our usual free trial). Here it is: the full information and how to order.

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