Ding ding – last call…

By | June 8, 2016
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I don’t know how many pubs actually do ring a bell for “last orders” any more, but: “ding ding”.

This is the last time I’m planning to mention the newly updated Next Steps books in these emails.  After today, I’ll stop banging on about them.

Partly because this week we’re making them available to the general public – so far they’ve only been available to newsletter readers like you.

Anyway, it’s not exactly your last chance – it’s not like they’re going out of print or anything.  But I won’t be mentioning them again, so if you’ve been umming and ahhing or not quite sure whether you want to get a copy on free trial, now’s a good time to decide.

The full information is here.

6 thoughts on “Ding ding – last call…

  1. D. Robertson-Glasgow.

    Thank you . I have copies of your books. The text certainly contains v. helpful hints but I have not compared
    them to other similar book.
    the screenshot illustrations in your books are murky ,barely visible (& the text almost invisible). Hardly helpful when you are trying to follow instructions of what to look for on the screen.
    I made the same comments when returning your slip regarding recommending them to others. No I wouldn’ t. You may have put a lot of effort into researching your text but PLEASE either up your photographic abilities / hire a photographer who understands how to get well exposed screenshot / talk to your printer. Printing photos need good technique to get the best images by using techniques best suited for reproduction.reproduction. If you are satisfied with what is in your books, you are conning the public.
    I am far from impressed with your “Stunning photos..and the ones I took..” Did you just take them with a camera phone?
    A great shame, you leave my computer abilities well behind. That is why I bought the books. Please upgrade your photo techniques to suit reproduction.

    1. Tim Post author

      thanks for the comments. I’ve just had a look at a copy of the iPad book to check and the one I have and the pictures of the screen in that look pretty clear to me. Some of the writing is bigger than other bits – there are some photos where you don’t need to read every bit of writing on the screen as it’s to show you what a particular screen looks like – other screen shots are bigger where you do need to read it. Of course, in some places Windows or other programs do use grey writing rather than black, but in that case we show it as it is rather than turning it to black.
      We don’t actually literally take photos of the screen – there’s a way to take a “screenshot” within Windows, which gives you an exact representation of what’s on the screen – which is what we then print. So any issues are at the printing stage.
      Of course, if you only have one of the books it’s always possible you have a dodgy copy that didn’t get printed properly – if you think that might be the case by all means contact us for a replacement.
      I do take a bit of exception to the idea I might be “conning the public”. I put a lot of effort into being more than fair, down to not asking people to pay for the books until they have them and are happy with them. I’m not saying I’d never make mistakes or that I’m perfect – but the customer gets to decide whether they want to pay or whether they aren’t happy, and I think that makes it pretty hard for me to con anyone. We get very few people who take us up on sending them back (and of the few who do, most of them go on to say something like “Sorry, I ordered the wrong books by mistake”, so I don’t think conning is an appropriate word.
      I would be interested in hearing anyone else’s thoughts on the quality of the pictures in the books to see if other people are also having trouble with them – has anyone else got any views on this?
      As for the photos in the last email – as I said in the email, there are some stunning panoramic photos (which I linked to)… and then there are the ones I used. I was writing the email in the office and didn’t want to drive home to look for a nicer set of photos that I could use. As I said, they serve the purpose of showing you how to do it, which was the point.
      Anyway, again, thanks for the comments – I appreciate you taking the time.

  2. Kathryn Willig

    I am reading ‘Next Steps on the Internet’ and cannot see any problem with the diagrams or images which are all clearly marked against the explanation. I once helped at a computer learning centre and getting to know and use computers is very difficult for some people, a particular way of thinking is needed – computers don’t think, one has to guide them at every step. Thank you for the guidance.
    I also agree that you are very open, clear and helpful in your method of selling and providing the books, more so than any other company I have dealt with. Well done Tim and team.


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