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By | July 5, 2021
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With things opening up again after lock-down, it’s been great to start seeing more of the family again.  We had a visit from my husband’s mum and dad the other week, and it was lovely – sitting out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.  (They’re probably reading this email actually – hi both!)

Anyway, along the way the conversation turned to new phones – my father-in-law’s thinking of replacing his because it’s getting a bit old and cranky.  He’s got some ideas about which model he might want to go for, but he was eyeing up my case, actually.  I’m guessing Robin wouldn’t want my rather prettily-patterned purple one, but it was the general design he was interested in.

So I thought I’d share a bit of advice about different types of case and how to choose a good one for your phone.

It’s a really good idea to have a case of some sort for a phone – you’ll probably be carrying it around a lot, and it’s easy to accidentally drop it or scratch it against something else in your pocket or bag.

There are lots of different types of case, though, and it’s worth looking for one that’s the right type for you.

Mine is a case that closes around the phone, like a wallet, to fully protect the screen.  It doubles up as a stand too, which is handy if I’m watching a YouTube clip.  They tend to be quite bulky, though, so they might not be ideal if you keep your phone in a trouser pocket.  I like this type of case because I tend to keep my phone in a bag – the cover over the screen stops it getting scratched by my keys.

You can also get rubbery ones that go round the back and sides of the phone.  They don’t close, but they come round high enough to give the screen a bit of protection, and they’re great for protecting the phone from knocks if you drop it.  They’re still fairly bulky, though, and the rubberiness can make them tricky to get in and out of tight pockets.

You can also get hard cases that protect just the back of the phone.  They don’t really do much for the screen, but they’re better than nothing, and they’re much slimmer.  If you want something to protect the screen as well, you can get what’s called (funnily enough) a “screen protector”.  A film one will help prevent scratches on your screen, but if you want to make your phone a bit more shock-proof, a glass one is a better bet.  If you drop your phone, the screen protector will absorb the impact and break, leaving the screen underneath intact.  Or at least that’s the idea – no guarantees, though.

Whichever type you decide on, you’ll need to get a case that’s been made for your model of phone – so all the holes in the case line up with your camera, speakers, on/off button and so on.  They tend to be pretty cheap, too.  Mine’s lovely and it only cost about £9, I think.

All the best

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