More on Windows 11… and a last mention…

By | June 28, 2021
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You might have already seen this – Microsoft have been sending out little notification messages to people’s computers about it – but Windows 11 has now officially been launched (you can have a look at their official launch page here if you want all the details).  

I said last week that I’d keep you up to date on it, so here’s what we now know for sure:

  • It will definitely be a free upgrade for people on Windows 10, but not all computers will be able to run it – you’ll need to have a fairly up-to-date machine.  They’ve got a little app you can download to test whether or not your computer meets the requirements, but  I’m not sure I’d trust the results yet.  I tried it on my one-year-old, high-spec laptop and was told “no” (with no explanation), so I’m not entirely convinced it’s working properly…
  • It will be available later in the year – no exact dates yet, but I’d expect October/November time.
  • There have been some changes to the Microsoft store – the biggest one being that you’ll be able to get Android apps to run on your PC or laptop.  That could make the store much more useful – the Windows 10 one has always been a bit sparse. 
  • You’ll have to have a Microsoft account to sign in to your computer – they’re doing away with the old “Local” accounts.  Most people will sign in with a Microsoft account anyway, though.
  • Most of the other changes are to how it looks and how things are arranged.  It’s all a bit slicker and more “Apple-like”.

It’s going into what they call “beta-testing” over the next couple of weeks – people outside of Microsoft will be let loose on it to find all the problems – and there’ll probably be lots more changes as they go.

However it turns out, though, you’ll be able to stick with Windows 10 if you like – the upgrade isn’t compulsory.

And one last reminder about the new book…

I have a shiny-new copy of Don’t Lose Your Story sitting on the desk next to me as I type.  And I wanted to give it one last mention in my emails before it goes on sale to the general public next week.

If you’re on the fence, thinking about maybe getting a copy or wondering whether it might give you that bit of inspiration you need, now is the time to decide.  Or at least to decide to have one on free trial so you can see what the fuss is about for yourself.

The full info (and how to order) is here – or you can just call us on 01229 777606 if you prefer.

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