Last time – and some things I didn’t mention before

By | April 15, 2015
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Just a quick email to say that “How to Stay Safe and Sound on the Internet” (along with “How to Save Money on the Internet”) are now available to the general public, on our website.

You can still get them on free trial through this link, like before. But this is the last time I’m planning to mention them

Of course, you might be wondering exactly what’s covered. The information I’ve linked to tells you quite bit more – but I didn’t have room to mention everything. For example, I didn’t mention:

  • Do you know what to do when Internet Explorer complains about a “security certificate”? Page 6 de-mystifies.
  • Emails that warn you about a new virus: a helpful warning, a slight inconvenience… or sometimes something more sinister. Page 16
  • How some spyware is actually legal (but naughty in my opinion) and how to make sure this type doesn’t catch you. Page 23, point 3.
  • 7 things that tip you off that your computer has contracted spyware… and what to do if so. Page 24
  • Why “I love you” could be a particularly unpleasant form of online scam. Page 32
  • Your bank may have suggested you install “Rapport” – but I doubt they’ve clearly told you what it does. Here’s the inside scoop on it. Page 42

Oh, and here’s some more about what’s included in the “How to Save Money” book:

  • A simple way to be told when a company or shop you’re interested in has a special deal on. Page 12
  • You can buy perfume online – well, you can buy almost anything online. But you’ll save money if you get it from a website like this rather than just going to or whatever. Page 26
  • You probably know 0800 numbers are free to call. But did you know about 0870 numbers… and how to avoid paying extra to call them? See page 34
  • The first time I ever used the web, it was to check a train timetable. My mate Ed showed me how. It’s a bit easier now – and Ed now lives in America, but I’ll show you on page 50. Not only can you check the times, you can buy the tickets online and get the cheapest deal.
  • You can’t buy petrol online, but there’s a useful site to check what the prices are at different stations in your area. Better than driving around to check, that’s for sure! Page 65

But if you want to find out what else is covered, best read the info here (it covers the freebie included, as well). After all, as I said, this is the last time I’m planning to mention them.

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